They say hell is an inferno. What a sunless, frozen hell you escaped back there, and what a bunch of ice–veined monsters they are, how cold and thin–lipped, how dumpy and plain, how joyless and loveless. The way they treated you, looking down at you from their distingue thoughts, it was as much as you could do, not letting them have it with both barrels. And I who hold the identity now is to silence my other part which, sadly, has no mind of its own. But I remained civil and sane for as much as I can because I am following your advice, to keep them outside, keep my foot out of the door, and see what I can learn out of these wretched circuses. Perhaps autognosis, who knows? It is the only way I can think of for the ignorance of your state of mind, to peep their innermost being for your benefit.
Thinking always of you, and counting the minutes until you are back.
Yours sincerely